Imagine the convenience of commuting to work with your children and having peace of mind about their care all day long. Your children are in the capable hands of caring teachers at the child care center on site or nearby. You could:
  • Spend your morning break in your child’s classroom
  • Peek in on a napping infant in the afternoon or join them for lunch
  • Enjoy more face time with your children so you catch many more “milestones” in their lives.
  • Breastfed or bottle fed will be accommodated appropriately, with dedicated space available for nursing.
  • Less time spent in traffic
  • Ask your human resources representative if they’ve ever considered onsite childcare
    *Employee referrals resulting in onsite care, qualifies parents for over 50% in savings. Contact us for additional details.
Interesting Facts about Brain Development
  • At birth 25% of the brain is developed
  • By age 3, 90% of the brain is developed.

The Little Maker Academy Difference

We are able to achieve and exceed learning milestones through our loving teachers/staff, rich curriculum closely aligned to National Standards, Curriculums, and learning outcomes. Since we are an on site service, parents can come in at any time to administer needed medications. Healthy snacks and water will be provided for children. Options for breakfast and lunch include catering add-ons, or parent packed and provided. Meals, etiquette, and appropriate table voice levels and conversation will be directly taught to children to enjoy meals family style. Breastfed or bottle fed will be accommodated appropriately. Digitalized records are available including but not limited to children’s attendance, immunizations, emergency phone numbers, record of monthly fire/lockdown drills and more. Parental rights include but are not limited to any time visits, star rated license prominently displayed, and access to discipline policy. Our foundation when it comes to child behavior management is rooted in Positive Behavior Supports. We ask parents to provide pertinent background information on their child to allow us to understand each child individually and then we encourage children through songs, role playing, and fun games that teach about kindness, sharing, “friendly hands” , and other important character traits. We do not allow or support corporal punishment . Teachers are prohibited from raising their voices at children as we strive to maintain a nurturing, positive, and motivating environment. Contact us today for more information!