On-Site Childcare Solutions

Customized Corporate Childcare Solutions
You Provide the space, we provide the service

Childcare today is an essential part of our modern society. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. Childcare needs have risen as a result of a rising number of dual career families and single parents. Statistical data show that U.S. employers lose $3 billion a year due to child care-related absences among working families. Another study, by Bowdoin College in collaboration with the University of North Carolina, found that firms offering on-site child care saved between one-half and twice the cost of what they paid to maintain the benefit (including subsidies to employees and other costs). And, this amount is on top of any savings realized through reduced turnover or increased productivity.

Employees, while looking for a job, are beginning to look, not only at the benefits a company has to offer, but also at the options available through employer sponsorship. Employers can help in making the child care transition easier for their employees. Employers can offer a wide range of services, that in turn will help to benefit them. Passion always produces a better result.

Overall, onsite child care allows parents flexibility and the joy of maintaining family and work life balance.

Employer benefits:

  • Community image
  • Workforce productivity
  • Higher Morale
  • More successful recruitment
  • Less turnover
  • Less absenteeism
  • Low cost
  • Variable shift coverage
  • Experienced risk management
  • Liability and insurance exceeding state requirements indemnifying our clients maintained by Little Makers Academy
  • Various levels of care available, for example, nursery only, school age/after school only, and etc.

Employee benefits:

  • High quality programming that exceeds required standards
  • More time to spend with family
  • Shorter commutes
  • Decreased job stress
  • Parent or parents will have close access to their child
  • Parents have more exposure to child milestones and developments
  • Parent involvement in programs and planning
  • Coworkers kids build bonds and relationships conducive to easier play dates, birthday parties, etc.
  • Higher quality of care of curriculum experience and enrichment
  • Unmatched and exciting age appropriate “Makerspace” curriculum built by teachers with the long term development goals in mind.
  • Inclusive learning environment conducive to high levels of learning and love.